International bust against Swedish Pirate Site


On February 23rd the Police in Sweden and the Netherlands went through and raided the illegal service Swepiracy, which was one of the most important sources for illegal copies of Swedish movies. Swepiracy had tried to hide its activities by placing their servers in the Netherlands, but Swedish and Dutch police coordinated their actions and were able to secure evidence about the crimes.

The main focus for Righst Alliance is to terminate illegal sites like Swepiracy. There are a bit more than one hundred illegal sites with connections to Sweden but they are getting fewer.
Swepiracy have been active during a long time and their business idea was to spread pirate copied movies, foremost movies aimed for the Swedish market, for which they got big amounts through donations by its members.

Rights Alliance previously requested Swepiracy to stop with its copyright infringements, but that had to effect that they took different new measures to try to hide themselves.

If those responsible behind Swepiracy will be held guilty for copyright crime by the court,
Rights Alliance will demand damages based on the model that was used in the Pirate Bay-case.

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Rights Alliance works mainly against different forms of internet crime. Mainly we use preventive measures. In some cases this is not enough, we then have the competence to move forward with legal claims. We will give you an overall strategy to act effectively against infringements. Different measures are often needed to achieve certain results.

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