Jail time for pirate


A 40 –year old man responsible for the popular site Tankaner was sentenced to five months prison time.

Rights Alliance filed a complaint against the man in 2012. During the police investigation Tankaner moved their service to countries were they perceived it diificult for the police to investigate. There was extensive evidence against the man in form of signed contracts for piracy servers, login information, book keeping, e-mails and a photo in which he is posing in a T-shirt with the print “Tankaner”. The man argued that he was innocent and that he had transferred the operation to for him unknown persons who had made alterations in his encrypted computer while he was asleep. The court did not go on his version.

Tankaner supplied magnetlinks and torrentfiles to other illegal services such as The Pirate Bay. With reference to the Svensson case from CJEU earlier this year the district court of Uppsala found that the man by supplying links was infringing the copyright.

Rights Alliance have demanded 12 000 000 sek in damages for one of the movies that was made available to the public. The damages will be tried in a separate court case later on.

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