Piracy affects the Book Industry


On behalf of The Swedish Publishers Association, Rights Alliance conducted a study to examine to what extent the book industry is affected by piracy. The presence of one hundred specific titles was examined on a scene-server, and on private and public bittorrent sites. We also investigated how easy it was to google and find a specific pirated book.

The study shows that the majority of the hundred books was to find in a pirated version. They were found both on top sites and on private and public bittorrent sites. It was also easy to find them by using Google. We also noted that it has established illegal sites that only focuses on literature. There are also release groups that focus on releasing audio books or e-books. The full report can be downloaded via the Swedish Publishers website: www.forlaggare.se/nyheter/ny-rapport-fritt-eller-gratis-den-digitala-bokens-framtid

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Rights Alliance works mainly against different forms of internet crime. Mainly we use preventive measures. In some cases this is not enough, we then have the competence to move forward with legal claims. We will give you an overall strategy to act effectively against infringements. Different measures are often needed to achieve certain results.

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